Who We Are

Prolocity Consulting is a premier services provider for the practice areas that comprise the BPM discipline. Our name is a contraction of two words: Process Velocity. Velocity is a concept that suggests both speed and direction. We specialize in helping our clients quickly achieve the right process improvements – that is, process improvements in the right direction. Our leadership team has over 50+ years of BPM experience and knowledge that we marshal toward our clients challenges and opportunities.

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What We Do

Prolocity Consulting provides business transformation services which align job activities, processes and organizations to enable innovative “process thinking”, operational improvements and alignment of process performance to corporate strategy. In short, our approach improves company performance by improving the performance of the processes that run that company. We help meet expectations for a process from both the customer’s and company’s point of view.

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Getting Started

Our team of BPM Practitioners is eager to speak with you and better understand your process improvement needs. As your strategic business partner, our goals is to develop business transformation programs with BPM. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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