BPM Strategy Overview


The operational execution of a competitive business strategy is critical in today’s demanding business environment.  Flexibility, speed, quality, efficiency, effectiveness and innovation are all important characteristics of the processes that run a company.  We help an enterprise design these characteristics into its business strategy – and we help a company execute that strategy by providing the enterprise: organizational performance improvements based on process improvements. Velocity is a concept of speed and direction.  We define process velocity as improving the process quickly and in the right direction.

Enterprise Challenges

Lack of Business and IT Collaboration

Aligning operational execution with strategic business initiatives

To Slow to React to Customer's Needs

Building in the flexibility to adapt to a constantly changing global market

Lack of Process Improvement Roadmap

Cultivating the ability to strategize, design, develop and execute new initiatives with optimal speed

What We Provide

Prolocity helps organizations understand how the people and processes within the enterprise deliver value, and how to achieve significant improvements in time, quality, efficiency, cost, and customer service. We deliver BPM excellence and experience across all of an enterprise’s process needs by performing the services below. We can focus on a single tactical project or an enterprise program.  Accordingly, each service can be delivered individually or as part of a customized, systematic delivery plan.

Business Value

Prolocity’s BPM Strategy Services provide value throughout your organization by:

  • Using process-enabled achievement of strategic objectives
  • Accelerating time to market
  • Delivering improvements in cost, productivity, timeliness and quality
  • Improving customer service levels and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Transferring knowledge to ensure that customer teams achieve the necessary competence and autonomy to maintain and develop future capabilities
  • Simplifying business processes to drive effectiveness, efficiencies and agility
  • Managing risks and meeting compliance regulations
  • Providing greater visibility into your organizational performance
  • Introducing new process designs faster
  • Reducing costs and improving revenue streams

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