Executive Workshop & BPM Readiness Assessment


Executive Workshop

Value of a Process-Managed Enterprise

This service describes to the senior executive team the value proposition of “managing by process”.  BPM is first and foremost about improving organizational performance.  Major initiatives will only be optimized if senior leaders are engaged in applying process management principles and practices at the enterprise level. Making this happen requires transforming traditional thought models and behaviors to look at the value that the business creates for customers systemically. This is easier said than done.

This interactive workshop presents essential BPM principles from a non-technical perspective with a focus on management behavior.  The session will address specific business practices needed to optimize results in the definition, analysis, design and implementation of process improvements as well as for ongoing process management. It will examine what is needed to create executive engagement and enthusiasm, and illustrate what actions are needed by the senior team to leverage organizational capability through business process thinking.

BPM Readiness Assessment

The BPM Readiness Assessment service offers a company an objective and efficient means to assess its ability to change and adapt to a process performance orientation. Understanding a company’s “process maturity profile” enables Prolocity to design a BPM adoption program that addresses six critical success factors that accelerate the adoption of BPM and specifies a program for realizing its value:

  • Linkage of process performance to business strategy
  • Employee understanding of process (skills and roles)
  • Utilizing BPM technology
  • Practicing process improvement methods
  • Process-related attitudes and behaviors
  • Implementing Process Governance (decision-making and oversight)

The readiness assessment produces a report and a presentation identifying the current state, the desired future state and a high-level program for developing the capabilities required to accelerate the adoption of BPM as a management discipline.

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