Process Assessment & Measurement


Process Assessment

Following process discovery, Prolocity performs a systematic inspection of the current process from a variety of perspectives.  Carrying out this systematic inspection answers two questions:

What is wrong with the way the current process behaves? and What will be better about it when it has been improved?  This assessment is performed from the following perspectives: Customer, Company executive(s), Process Owner, Functional Managers, Suppliers, and Work Performer(s).  A statement of the process issues or problems is captured as perceived by each type of the previous stakeholders.

Process Measurement

During the assessment phase, our analysts capture existing metrics to determine how well a process is performing.  The measurements being examined are categorized according to four groups: time, quality, cost and productivity.  Our analysts use existing information to create these metrics as well as anecdotal information from stakeholders.  If deemed necessary, analysts may also implement a small study to collect the measurement data from workers and supervisors.  This anecdotal information will be used during benchmarking and analysis to help evaluate the information collected in those phases.  An “As Is” assessment will be defined to obtain information about the value, quality and performance of the process and to establish a current baseline for comparative use in a subsequent improvement effort.

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