Process Benchmarking & Analysis


Process Benchmarking

Benchmarking is the process of comparing one’s business processes and performance metrics to industry bests and/or best practices from other industries. Dimensions typically measured are time, quality, cost and productivity.  The measures learned are then used to set targets for process Improvement initiatives.  This service helps a company design a process benchmark, develop a list of companies to study, select a professional benchmarking company to conduct the study, interpret the results of that study, and specify a program to implement changes.

Process Analysis

Prolocity analyzes business processes in terms of their alignment to company and customer expectations. Process Analysis is the examining and evaluating of a process by separating it into its basic sub-processes and activities and studying them systematically.  This examination enables understanding of the process in order to develop ideas for improving it.  Prolocity uses a variety of tools and techniques to discover insight into current performance and to prioritize which issues are the most important to resolve. Prolocity will be able to identify bottlenecks, duplicate efforts, causes of defects and waste.  Process analysts will monitor “As Is” process performance and compare that with the desired “To Be” process performance targets in order to quantify the gap to be closed by the redesigned process in the Process Improvement phase.  Composed of a powerful trio of business process software, proven methodologies, and expert consultants, Prolocity can support a variety of business process improvement projects, adhering to standards such as ISO certification, Lean, Six Sigma, and ITIL.

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