Process Discovery & Modeling


Process Discovery and Modeling

Our Business Process Discovery service captures detailed knowledge of the current business process and the relationships that exist among groups inside and outside the enterprise. We provide information about existing processes that are typically not readily available.  We discover how a particular process is being performed by using a number of methods including group workshops, one-on-one interviews and direct observation.  During this phase, we extract key metrics on time, quality, cost, and productivity that help assess current process performance and prepare for a subsequent analysis.

We organize the discovered information in a hierarchy so that it can be referenced quickly and be maintained efficiently.  The information is displayed using a variety of visual diagram types designed to best communicate the information to the target audience.  Creating visual models transforms the organizational understanding of current business processes from tacit or implicit to explicit.  An explicit process will communicate the structure and details of business processes in such a way that everyone can understand them and make appropriate decisions.  Prolocity follows a proven methodology that enables our process analysts to capture process information quickly and efficiently.

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