Strategic BPM Planning


Business Process Architecture

This service will define a hierarchical family of related business processes that support the delivery of value in an organization’s value chain.  Products or services pass through all activities of the value chain in order, and at each activity the product or service gains some additional value on its way to the customer.  A business process architecture (BPA) is a collection of knowledge about the business processes.  Information is collected about the activities, inputs and outputs, performance measures, and resources used to operate the process.  Information is also collected about how all the processes fit together.

Developing a BPA is a key step in breaking away from a traditional function-oriented, silo-view of a company.  It is a critical asset when aligning process performance to business strategy.  When considering a change in strategic direction, examining the BPA helps determine what would have to change in the output requirements and/or capabilities of what processes in order to successfully implement that strategic change.  A business process architecture ensures the establishment of the correct context before studying individual processes.

Align Process Performance to Business Strategy

Business Process Management builds the framework to create strategic alignment, measure business processes using metrics aligned with business goals, and identify performance gaps that have a major impact on the customer experience and on achieving desired business results.  Measures are developed for an organization’s large-scale end-to-end processes that deliver value to customers.

A value chain is either developed or an existing one is used to identify the major links that deliver value to the organization’s customer.  Value streams are identified with the help of industry frameworks.  Then enterprise end-to-end processes are defined and assessed to determine how well they are meeting customer and company expectations.  A Balanced Scorecard or a Value Chain Framework is used to define an operating plan to support the business strategy.  A process scorecard is developed to report how well the end-to-end processes are performing to meet the organization’s mission and strategy.

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